Student Attendance App upgrade contract – Ruby

Codebase: hidden

    wow! awesome rails experience! Upgrading an app from rails 2.2 to 4.2 highlights:

  • git branch,pulls, code reviews
  • learning REST requests, MVC framework
  • js views routing and rendering with jquery,
  • rails and sql querys.
  • learning about db relationship belongs,has_many,through

specific examples:


  • git best practice, no default/hard coded, debugging statments
  • setup ssh, public key, branches pull requests
  • create sh scripts to load sample data mysqldump
  • use grep,sed,find to search for issues.
  • debugging in terminal, curl, browser, inspect element
  • testing browsers, using browserstack without settingup vm.

front end

  • div displays with css, js onclick animations
  • form_tag with multiple records changes save at once
  • jquery submit button on radio button change, remote submit
  • create .ajax call and respond on callbacks with json objects.

rails/ back end

  • looking to migrations and sql tables/functions for issues
  • mapping relationship with has_many, belongs_to, through
  • preloading relationship data with .includes()
  • setting up mailer smtp
  • activate addtional file paths for routes.rb
  • activate unicode display in application
  • respond_to with xml, json, text, html

mistakes encountered

  • push directly to master
  • make assumption on designs without confirmation
  • modified sample database with random data for testing

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