How to: setup types of testing

Load testing with Jmeter:

  1. download the software from their website.
  2. search for the sql driver jar file and download that.
    1. put that file into the /lib of the jmeter folder
  3. start the jmeter app inside /bin
  4. for running tests on db, create a dbconnection step
    1. put in the db login details, and define a variable name used as the connection
  5. create a new step for running the tests.
    1. make sure the tests is run as executable if its a store procedure.
    2. you can add in parameters, or a csv file of parameters i believe.
  6. create reports step to capture any errors and success rate.


Performance monitor with NewRelic:

  1. check package manager for the newrelic library.
    1. For NPM you need to install it into the package.json.
  2. put require(newrelic); into the first line of the file that inits the server.
  3. copy or create the config into the base codebase.
  4. in the config file, you can state the app name, and include any certs that might need to bypass the firewall.

Optional configs the in UI dashboard:

  • you can set the pinger to check for application availableness in different region in the world.
  • set the score on how to rate the performances. For example throughput / time to complete a transaction, and failures within a time frame.

In app testing with Groovy:


  • unit testing
  • external testing
  • integration testing



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