Reflect: SpringMVC and SpringBoot apps

backbone setup

  • creating the xml file with the filelds defined
  • config: descriptor that looks at which module the section of the backbone files
  • dbapp sync to create the migration ddl files

mysql setup

  • good to setup pool connections that can be queued for functions for connect to db. it best to set the password from the environment variable defined in the deployment pipeline. or use a keystone that quickly pull the environment variables.

pup-sub communication with message queues

  • rabbitmq setup exchange name and queue listeners
  • publishing log mq and listening for completed response from mq
  • failure queues are used for fast fails alert  system when it goes over threshold.

microservices with hystrix

  • cron jobs and other system loads
  • health ping with ?
  • monitoring with ?

object mapper

  • write – serialize custom converter objects to the json string format
  • read – deserialize object types should be the same as how it is serialized. some common ones if roundedMoney exact values and currency. Timestamps and UTC date formats.
  • when parsing the based fields in the object, some of the metadata system value object can be filtered out before sending out the json.

groovy testing:

  • covered in here:

error handling setup


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