IDE review and plugins


  • lots of built in functionality. able to add plugins, but its limited for community version
  • i like the refactor and code checking functionality.  It usually works well when changing variable/ function / file names. Sometimes it doesnt work when the base reference is define elsewhere.
  • git ui conflict resolution is great for picking the changes that you want to keep. also the ability to see changes users made by line and all the branches commits to do cherrypick.
  • the free version doesnt support much other than the java base applications. You cant really get plugins since they block it in their package manager.


  • many open source libraries. some are really good, but you dont know until you try it.
  • some useful ones are
    • tslint/jslint – check for code errors
    • jsFormatter – good to format the code in standard way.
    • code highlighting – code to add for any code base. Easier to read.
  • able to open multiple folders in one left panel.
    • great for doing work on microservices where you need to work in multiple repos
  • git plugin sucks? or at least i didn’t find a good one. not visual conflict resolver.




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