Javascript tools: node.js, angular1&4, async, etc


  • server’s middle ware just nee to require the library from package
  • for example calling the newrelic in the entry file server.js loads the settings
  • using cookies, sessions, and other parsing libraries
  • es5 and es6 formats, using babel to convert them to be compatible. The versions seems to do the same thing.
  • when using setIntervale(function(funcName).time) it need to run as a function in order for it to work.

angular 1:

  • scope and rootscope for variables/functions being called in the frontend. ng objets can be arrays or map or any structures.
  • hard to work with other jquery libraries
  • immediate refresh changes on refresh browser
  • debug on browser in developers mode, helpful to look at the inspect element and all of the loaded variables
  • sometimes need to call the $apply to update the changes if the variable doesnt update on the browser. The DOM doesn’t know it was changed in the ng object

angular 4:

  • have to use type script, need to compile before updates being shown in the browser.
  • modular designs require use of services, and derivatives. Parts can be reused, but need to be really generalize in order to take advantage of the design.
  • I don’t know how it works with other js libraries yet.
  • services used as shared functions
  • directives used as she divs?
  • use of constructors was nice and init functions to start the the page logic. easier to locate since its standardized name.

async lib:

  • can combine multiple call with each other.
  • forEach to process items in parallel
  • Waterfall to do things synchronously
  • then promise call to process post after everything completed.

Date picker and Date range picker:

  • some quirky setup to load the picker and need to initialize it in the right order in DOM. For example, it would activate if the field data in the ng-model not populated on load.
  • you can configure it to set default values, or dropdown selections on certain dates. Also able to set the timezone or change the UTC date format to fit the db field.

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