career app

modern career serveice socail network… more to come     plans – build from the latest tech stack and learn along the way model: nosql view: angular/ react platform: golang, google cloud infrastructure: docker containers, jenkins, git      

Search engine parts – java

code base: parts: parser, indexor, query, rank scoring, model evaluation issues encountered: deep copy when working with dataset to extract certain parts of data. (might be better in functional prog lang) object’s string .equals string  instead of using =


LightOwl – HackHampshire (best cognition award)

“LightOwl study buddy that helps your all-nighter a little brighter” team of umass 2 cs-ai and 2 hampshire NPL track students came together and made this cognitive pet that keep you stay in focus on whatever task the user needs to do. (students, professionals, workers) tech stack: muse, neurosky mindwave, arduino one, johnny-five, node.js,, reasearch on brain eeg-signal…